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1.I placed an order but haven't received any email notification. What happened? 
When an order is placed an order confirmation email is automatically sent to your registered email address. Occasionally this may take slightly longer if the order spans different departments, or at busy times when we receive a large number of orders.

When you fill out the order form, please make sure that your email address is written correctly. One common error we find is spelling mistakes such as gmial (gmail) and .cmo (.com).

Some email providers have strong anti-spam measures, so please also check your junk mail folder in case your notification is in there.
If you still have not received your notification, please 'contact us'.
My payment for my order is overdue. Is there anything I can do?
Please contact us as soon as possible, ideally before your payment is overdue.

Please note, that all payments must be fully made within 5 days from the first order invoice. Orders that are unpaid and overdue will be cancelled without notice. Please be aware that too many orders cancelled can lead to your account being suspended.

3. A new item was just announced. Can I pre-order it from your website? 
We dont have a general pre-order service, unless there is a pre-order page for the item it is not possible to pre-order it.

4. C
an I cancel my order?
We usually do not accept order cancellation requests. Please be aware that if you cancel an order without informing us or make too many cancellations, you may no longer be able to use our services in the future. We reserves the right to cancel and turn down orders from customers, particularly those who have: 

※ Cancelled orders
※ Cancelled items from orders
※ Had orders cancelled due to non-payment

Therefore, please only place an order for items you really want to buy.

5. Can I add more items to my order? 
If you have other items that you would like to add, please make a new order for the additional items and write "combine to order ***" in the comment section. Our staff will combine it for you and send you a new invoice. But if it is overweight, we will ship it separately. Please note that we can only combine orders if:
※ The order is from the same store location
※ The original order has not yet been paid for
※ The payment deadline for the original order has not yet passed

6. Can I receive a discount on my order because of the number of items in it?
We don't offer any discounts. The price you see on our website is already fully discounted.

7. Do I Have to Register at hobbydna.com to Make an Order?
Yes, you need to register so that when your parcel is shipped, you can track the status and delivery details from the 'Your Account' section.

8. How Can I Make Changes to Orders After Payment?
If you would like to change the details of your order you need to action quickly. The safest way to change your address is by contacting us through our live chat support. Due to the time lag in email responses, we do not accept liability for requests which are not received or read after the parcel has been dispatched.

9. What do I do if I Received the Wrong Item(s) or Missing Item(s) from My Order(s)? 
Our storehouse utilizes barcode IDproduct scanningand parcel weight recording to ensure each order is full and correct. We take our shipping and dispatch accuracy very seriously. If you have received a parcel that is incorrect or incomplete, you must do the following within 48hrs of receiving the parcel; 

DO NOT throw any of the packaging or product materials away. Keep the entire package 100% as you received it. 
Weigh your parcel and its contents. 
Photograph the parcel and its contents. The photo must show products, parcels, and packing materials clearly. 
Contact us with the following information:
Order ID:
Parcel Weight:
Problem with Order: 
Attach photos of the parcel and contents, as stipulated above. Failure to follow the procedures above will result in a rejection of the claim. Never accept a parcel that is crushed, damaged, or has been left open, possibly allowing contents to fall out.
10. The product I want is sold out. When will it be back in stock again?
We are not able to take pre-orders or reservations for out of stock items unless mentioned otherwise on the item page. We do have an Arrival Notice system that may be useful in the meantime.

11. Can I reserve an item(s)? 
Unless otherwise mentioned on the product page, it is not possible to reserve items.

12. I can't find the spare parts code, what should I do ?
If you can't find spare parts code, its means no stock at present, please follow our website, we will upload new products from time to time.
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