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1.What payment methods are available?
PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, JCB. 

2. Can I send the payments directly to the your PayPal account?
We don't allow direct payments. Please use the "Pay" button to continue your transaction.
3. Can I send payment to you in my local currency?
All payments are dealt with in USD dollar. For credit card payments, the total amount will be exchanged from your local currency to USD dollar by your credit card provider. Please contact your card provider for more details.
4. Can I split the payment in installments? 
We do not accept split payments at present.

5. Can you extend my payment deadline?
All payments must be made within 5 days from the first order invoice. If you are having trouble making a payment or meeting the payment deadline, please contact us as soon as possible.
6. How do you handle and protect my credit card information?
We do not retain any credit card information at the checkout. The secure process is made via the credit card company's server, so we can assure you that your personal information is safe.

7. I'm having trouble with my PayPal account. What can I do?
Please kindly contact your PayPal local office for the reasons or simply use other payment method to complete the transaction.
8.When making payment, I always get returned to the first page. What am I doing wrong?
Please contact your bank or the credit card company to make sure that your card can be used on foreign websites and they are not stopping your transaction. Even if it is a card you have used before, they may be stopping it this time.
9. What is Your Exchange Rate Policy? 
We sells products in USD dollar only. Any foreign currency exchange rates on our website that are not USD are indicative only (you WILL be charged in USD regardless of the storehouse that you purchase from). We provide the exchange rate tool as a guide only.

During the checkout process, We will pass the price in USD to PayPal who will do the exact currency exchange for you according to PayPal's currency exchange rates. The customer will then have the opportunity to accept or reject PayPal's currency exchange rate.
We are not liable for the relationship between the customer and PayPal.
10. Do Your Prices Include National, Regional, or Local Taxes?
We do not charge local taxes or extra fees on top of our advertised product price with shipping/handling. It is your responsibility to pay any fees (including taxes) charged by your local customs or postal office.
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